Change Log

This page holds the list of running change logs for The Wheel Screener. I'm working on generating this list dynamically via my git commits or similar but for now it is manually updated. 😄

April 6th, 2021

  • - Premium Tiers: Toggle the visibility of any combination of table columns under the 'Advanced' window! Soon these will be savable under your account settings.
  • - Premium Tiers: Fixed a bug where it was not possible to toggle visible table columns
  • - All Tiers: Added a small datetime to the footer so customers can ensure they have the latest version when compared to this change log.

March 31, 2021

After a brief intermission in my dev activities for The Wheel Screener due to some other project updates, I'm back at full steam!

  • - Premium Tier: Fixed the annoying issue where the dataset would always re-download on every visit to the page. Soon we'll have a before-market-open, early-market, mid-market, and afternoon-market datasets! The app will prompt you when there is a new dataset available when that is implemented.
  • - All Tiers: Added a way to determine if the market is open or not. This will soon be used to figure out if you can refresh contract data, and when to keep open the live data stream. (You won't be able to refresh contracts or see live data streams while the market is not open.)

March 16, 2021

  • - Premium Tier: Added advanced filters to the dashboard! Use fine-grain sliders to filter all contracts. Click on the 'Advanced...' button in the dashboard to check them out!
  • - Premium Tier: Fixed an issue with displaying favorited contracts and added a favorites filter. Backtesting for favorites and favorites dashboard coming soon!
  • - Premium Tier: Moved all account information to it's own page instead of that overloaded modal popup. Click your username to get there! A lot more to come on that page.
  • - Premium Tier: Added a way to download a fresh copy of the daily contract database in the account information page.
  • - All Tiers: Added Gumroad as a payment method! (Note that you may not see your premium status immediately - we are working on automating this ASAP!)
  • - All Tiers: Added a Twitter icon which links to our brand new Twitter Account!
  • - All Tiers: Small improvements to contact and feature request navigation forms.
  • - All Tiers: Created 'Upgrade' page where all new payment providers are stored - it is now a link in the header.
  • - All Tiers: Moved the 'What Is "The Wheel"?' page to the "Technicals" header dropdown.
  • - All Tiers: Fixed some annoying issues with page toasts and close buttons.

March 14, 2021

  • - All Tiers: Added PayPal as a payment method! (Note that you may not see your premium status immediately - we are working on automating this ASAP!)
  • - All Tiers: Added the bottom left 'new' badge so visitors can always quickly see the newest features that have been added!

March 12, 2021

  • - All Tiers: Fixed bug where the random 100 set was cached for too long, resulting in data that was days old.
  • - All Tiers: Added a 'Kelly Criterion' calculation to the contracts. It still has some issues and needs to be worked on to fully make sense for options. (It is typically a calculation used for equities and futures.)

March 7, 2021

  • - All Tiers: Improved the dashboard header with marquee-style info.
  • - All Tiers: Added a small live data widget. So far I am only using it to ping the major indexes approximately every 10 seconds, but soon I'll be enabling a way for premium members to pick a handle of contracts to see their real time data.
  • - All Tiers: Add 24 hour cache to random 100 dataset, so all visitors see the same free / public random 100.

March 1, 2021

  • - Premium Tier: Fixed a bug with date formatting in exports to CSV
  • - All Tiers: Added both a simple and complex annualized return. See the model assumptions and formulae page for the details.
  • - All Tiers: Added charts on hover in both tile view and table view for premium members. Just hover over that underlined ticker to get the 3-month chart!
  • - All Tiers: Improved spacing and layout in the dashboard - you'll find a lot more room there now!
  • - All Tiers: Added this change log page as well as the model assumptions and formulae page to the navigation as a dropdown - the model assumptions are listed directly from the actual values the API is using to pre-filter contracts!
  • - All Tiers: Increased strength of rhetoric on the terms and conditions page.
  • - Behind The Scenes - Finished building out a full staging environment. This enables me to test and ship new features even faster now!
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