A super simple pricing model.

✅ Current Plan


Free forever!
  • - See 100 contracts selected at random from the top 500 included as a subset of the Premium tier's 0+ contracts.
  • - Sort the daily selected 100 contracts by a variety of metrics.

If you create an account and are logged in, you can:

  • - Star ⭐️ your favorite contracts and view how many other members have starred each contract.

It's true, the free plan is free forever!


  • - Access to the full 0+ daily contracts ranked and classified by the screener, including the top 500 contracts list as the top of that list!
  • - Sort, and filter, and search all contracts by a variety of metrics.
  • - Search for contracts by symbol or ticker.
  • - List contracts both in tile mode or table mode.
  • - Ability to sign up for a daily, weekly, or monthly email showing the day's best wheel trades. (Likewise choose to receive no notification email - I hate superfluous email as much as you do!)
  • - Whatever you request! I'm here to build features for whatever is deemed valuable! That's the advantage of an indy dev maintaining the app you use! 😉

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